Sunday, March 4, 2018

Nihlistic Hedonism; or Cyberpunk as Eutopia

I do not believe in objective standards, norms, ends, means or values; but I have a strong preference for the combination of hardass and self-indulgent traits one finds in the mercenary reaver cultures of places like medieval Burgundy. Essentially, I care about what I care about and consider anything else a means to that end. But I don't really believe in 'muhTroof' or anything; I do not (for example) believe in 'natural law', I just believe in shooting thieves on sight. But if you can get away with stealing from defenseless peasants or the fat-asses of the power elite, good for you.

I have a lot in common with LaVeyan Satanism, but more through a sympathy of attitude than any fake-occultist stuff. I tend to favor the most extreme and materialistic aspects of civilization and barbarism, my 'ideal society' would be a bunch of heavily armed autistic stock jobbers who obey and disobey the law entirely based on sociopathic cost-benefit analysis.

What normies accuse libertarians of being (Blue Tribe says they're greed-driven elitists who want poor children to starve; Red tribe says they're drug addled hedonists who want cops to get shot) I actually am. Blue tribe says libertarianism would lead to billionaires with nukes running the world, Red tribe says it would lead to crime-ridden slums where all family and authority has disappeared. The Greens say it would lead to the extinction of entire biomes and the paving over of entire continents. I say "Good" to both, because cyperpunk is actually a pretty decent approximation of what I consider eutopian. I do not want to 'form a country' or 'protect society' or 'help X group', I want to see total flux where all the pretensions, imbecilities and cults of mankind are dissolved in the acid of relentless pursuit of profits and power, with no 'greater aim' than for the people who can to take what they want.

Whereas the populists like sheep and the authoritarians like wolves, I like lions. Individual superiority and a violent self-assertion combined with drop-of-the-hat flight in the face of serious danger; because my skin is more valuable than any cause.

This obviously goes against the grain and possibly the survival of a great majority of people, which I am also OK with. I don't give a shit about them, anyway.

I am, in a special sense, a social Darwinist - but without the mistaken notion of teleology or 'right', but simple relentless processes of creative destruction. But I don't mean pure Darwinism, which is inevitable, I like certain kinds of people and certain kinds of institutions, but I don't see the need or the desire to somehow show that this is what people 'ought' to want or that this is 'good'; on the other hand I would be happy to see the masses convinced of this (even if it were false) because what I want is more important than the entirety of mankind and any other living, non-living or theoretical entity. I am a physical objectivist, a moral nihilist, and a social solipsist.

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  1. I appreciate a good, honest 'I hang my affairs on nothing' sort of attitude. It's exhausting talking to other so called nihilists who are really just dressing egalitarianism up as something dark and edgy.