Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Death Wish's Yankee Homo Critics Can Go Fuck Themselves with a Knife

Death Wish was generally panned by film critics - who are almost all a bunch of weak faggots that are scared of guns. That, and not its content, is the main reason it suffered in the reviews. While Death Wish is nowhere near as cool as the original, it's certainly not bad as far as action movies goes. It eschews slow-motion except for a target shooting scene, and its hero is gloriously unconflicted about his behavior.

Morally unconflicted about its self-taught shooter, “Death Wish” promotes a vision of a city whose streets run red and whose residents run scared. It’s ready-made for an N.R.A. ad campaign.
Although the NRA are occasional defenders of the right to own private firearms, they are also cop-loving gun-control supporters. The NRA does not defend the individual-right interpretation of the Second Amendment: they defend the military-industrial complex and its corporate commercial wing in private arms sales. This is why the NRA supported so-called 'assault weapons ban' - cheap, imported Kalashnikovs from former SovBloc countries were outcompeting their beloved AR15 and its major producers.
Personally I don't need the NRA to tell me that I have a right to shoot people who threaten my life. And I certainly don't give a shit if the libtard ruling class mouthpiece NYT disagrees. They are welcome to be disarmed pussies depending on government goons to defend them - the more of them who get shot, the better.

Entertainment Weekly
...that problem boils down to this: It’s the absolute wrong movie at the absolute wrong time. With our country currently reeling from the latest in what seems like an endless cycle of sickening school shootings, there couldn’t be a worse moment for a film that not only fetishizes gun violence, but also seems to get off on it.
"Our" country? You can suck a dead donkey's rotting dick, EW. If you weren't sending children to defenseless, state-run propaganda prisons they probably wouldn't have been shot in the first place and there probably wouldn't be so many kids who hate it so much they want to blow you away. The fact is you're not part of any country I would want to belong to: you're a sissy, a coward, a state-worshipping bitch, and a half-wit to boot. While random violence against innocent people is uncalled for I imagine plenty of school teachers deserve to get shot, as do the people forcing children into these hell-holes and the scribblers who insist on sentencing everyone in the USA to twelve years of forced labor.

While Paul Kersey is extremely lucky in this film there is nothing wrong with what he did. In fact I wish more people would "take the law into their own hands" - not only against common thugs, as in the film, but against the subhuman filth that clutter up our streets and cash government paychecks. The cops are the worst thugs of all, and I'd love to see a film which views the police through the same lens that Death Wish does house-breakers.

I am certain the chattering classes will continue to refer to this as 'gun porn' and 'right wing vigilante propaganda', but personally I don't see what's wrong with either one. Indeed, it's interesting to notice that the libtard keyboard activists generally have no problem with Muslim tranny porn, but when it's 'guns' they immediately start their letters to the editor. Why? Simple: just like the school marm bitches of yore who protested against liquor and strip clubs these fake-socialist goons are offended by something that exists outside of their soft, weak, government-managed urbanite lives and the cultic religion that goes along with it.

Death Wish is a decent action movie with some funny scenes, and Paul Kersey is a generally likable character. If I have any criticism it's that he doesn't go far enough. But I've always liked Frank Castle.

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